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ECommerce Website Development

Ecommerce enables the firms and individuals to conduct their business and transactions through their website or other available resources on the internet. The Internet has changed drastically over the past five years and so has the way we do business online. Many people are now purchasing large portions of their goods online through online retailers. Because of this, ecommerce website development has grown tremendously in order to meet the driving demand. This provides you the opportunity to not only make your products or services availabe to the global market but also let the customer choose, buy and pay online through your website 24 hours a day , 365 days a year.

Some of our general ecommerce admin system features :

A glance of our web site design development ecommerce services

  • Defining the site
  • Site structure development
  • Visual designing and testing
  • Production and testing
  • Usability testing
  • Analyzing the competition

Design And Layout

  • 100% Custom Designed System
  • Fully customizable design & layout
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Automatic Thumbnail Creation
  • Unlimited number of product images
  • Side-bar "mini-cart" viewable at all pages
  • Integrated store search
  • WYSIWYG text editor for products and "static" pages. No HTML knowledge needed.
  • CSS-compatible design. Cascading Style Sheets allow you to change styling of your pages with ease.
  • We offer integration services for your design. Take your current design and put our backend on it.

We offer custom design services from our talented on staff designers

Merchandising and Inventory

  • Discount coupon codes and gift certificates
  • On-screen mini-cart with brief cart info
  • Full inventory control
  • "Out of Stock" Messages
  • Quantity discounts

Shipping and Tax

  • Real-time shipping calculation
  • Mark your products as "free shipping" products
  • Issue promotional "free shipping" coupons to your customers
  • Add handling/freight charges
  • Allow your customers to choose shipping methods
  • Customizable sales tax calculation
  • Organize your tax settings by location and vendors

Payment, Gateways & Methods

  • Real-time credit card processing
  • Gateway Integration with Authorize.net, PayPal, Google Checkout, Echeck, or any custom gateway
  • Accept checks, purchase orders and phone orders
  • Call Center manual order processing with (or w/o) credit card processing

We have the expertise at development of dynamic ECommerce B2B portal, B2C portal. We have worked with most of the shopping cart software available in the market and our services would help you manage your online store.We provide high quality ECommerce development services to our offshore clients all over the world.Of course, there are many more advantages of ECommerce development for a company. In fact, today, companies don't ask themselves whether go online or not, but rather HOW to go online so that their site stands out among the thousands of others and gets the customer.